Kens Music

Jammers by Ken Cardita

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5.72 MB

WIP song idea

Robins Trip

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1:06 minutes (2.55 MB)

Playing around with some new a new Guitar Processor (Axe FX XL)


Turkey Coma

2:00 minutes (2.39 MB)

After the big thanksgiving meal I was in a Turkey induced coma

Turkey Baster

1:30 minutes (1.3 MB)

Got a new Synthesiser and was playing with it on the day before Thanksgiving... What should I call it ?

Turkey Baster 

DHG Band

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58.97 MB

DO NOT Click the PLAY Link it will not work for THIS FILE  

 This is really a ZIP file of MP3s NOT an MP3 file.. Just download the file by click the Download audio file and rename to   Then unzip it to get the individual MP3 files

DHG Band Live in Oregon - Sept 7th 2011   


Nights in White Satin - Channel Surfers

0:5:30 minutes (6.52 MB)

Found this on my hard drive - a classic song done by the Channel Surfers a band I was in here in AZ about 10 yrs ago. I played the 12 string guitar - Love the strings on this ....

Riff in Progress

915.92 KB

Still figuring out where to go with this one

Arize by Sunburst Finish

9.58 MB

Sunburst Finish - A band I was in in the late 70s back in New Rochelle NY

Recorded "Live in the Basement" on Aug 20th 1978 on a simple 2 track cassette recorder

 One of our "originals" :) 

Ring in the New Day

3:35 minutes (3.58 MB)


A meditative piece,  Headphones Required.

29 by Ken Cardita

1.88 MB

Recorded this on our 29th wedding anniversary - as I was thinking of all that we have been through together ,  One Guitar - One Take.

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