audio by artist ken cardita

Peaceful Dream

5.2 MB

I was experimenting with some new guitar equipment and synthesizer and came up with this short "dreamscape". This is just a slow peaceful instrumental that is handy for helping me relax and unwind after a long stressful day. A nice set of headphones enhances the experience Wink

Chicken Fried Steak - Ringtone

783.17 KB

Did not like any of the ringtones on my phone -- so I made one myself

Ring Tone 2

577.86 KB

Another Ring tone I created

Wish I was Jimi

4.73 MB

One night while I had the recorder on this just came out - warts and all

Cosmic Stu

4.49 MB

This is me fooling around with my guitar synthesiser. All parts played on the guitar - none sound like a guitar Cool

Out There

5.5 MB

More guitars and guitar synth - Headphones Highly Recommended

Erratic Behavior

2.69 MB

Sometimes you can't decide what mood your in and it can result in erratic behavior

A Lego Soundtrack

2.21 MB

A couple of years ago a co-worker who does very interesting animations that have spaceships and characters who look like they are LEGO creations asked me to do some background music for the animation.  I did not have the time to do all that was needed but I did come up with this.... wish I could locate the short clip that went with this.

One More Question

1:45 minutes (1.33 MB)

Another small fragment of a jam.


1.38 MB

Guitars on Stun.

29 by Ken Cardita

1.88 MB

Recorded this on our 29th wedding anniversary - as I was thinking of all that we have been through together ,  One Guitar - One Take.

Ring in the New Day

3:35 minutes (3.58 MB)


A meditative piece,  Headphones Required.

Riff in Progress

915.92 KB

Still figuring out where to go with this one

Turkey Baster

1:30 minutes (1.3 MB)

Got a new Synthesiser and was playing with it on the day before Thanksgiving... What should I call it ?

Turkey Baster 

Turkey Coma

2:00 minutes (2.39 MB)

After the big thanksgiving meal I was in a Turkey induced coma

Robins Trip

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1:06 minutes (2.55 MB)

Playing around with some new a new Guitar Processor (Axe FX XL)


Jammers by Ken Cardita

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5.72 MB

WIP song idea

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