Kens Music


1.38 MB

Guitars on Stun.

One More Question

1:45 minutes (1.33 MB)

Another small fragment of a jam.

A Lego Soundtrack

2.21 MB

A couple of years ago a co-worker who does very interesting animations that have spaceships and characters who look like they are LEGO creations asked me to do some background music for the animation.  I did not have the time to do all that was needed but I did come up with this.... wish I could locate the short clip that went with this.

Erratic Behavior

2.69 MB

Sometimes you can't decide what mood your in and it can result in erratic behavior

Out There

5.5 MB

More guitars and guitar synth - Headphones Highly Recommended

Cosmic Stu

4.49 MB

This is me fooling around with my guitar synthesiser. All parts played on the guitar - none sound like a guitar Cool


7.01 MB

Me attempting to play like one of my all time favorite guitar players - Robert Fripp.  My friend Dustin Snow plays keyboards

Wish I was Jimi

4.73 MB

One night while I had the recorder on this just came out - warts and all

Ring Tone 2

577.86 KB

Another Ring tone I created

Chicken Fried Steak - Ringtone

783.17 KB

Did not like any of the ringtones on my phone -- so I made one myself

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