My Guitar Rig

Here is my current Guitar Rig


Suhr Classic Pro Guitar

Mesa Boogie Mark 5 :25 head

Mesa 1x 12 mini rectifier cabinet 

Pedal Board is a HoleyBoard with  (left to right, top then bottom row):

  • Wampler Pinnacle  distortion (Van Halen Brown Sound)
  • TC Ditto  - (looper)
  • Wampler Tumnus Overdrive (Klon clone)
  • Wampler Eco Compressor
  • Peterson Strobe Tuner
  • Eventide H9 ( digital Fx , Delay , Reverb , Modulation)
  • Wampler Plexi Deluxe ( Marshall Plexi amp in a pedal)
  • DryBell Vibe Machine (a most Awesome Univibe clone)
  • Evenide H9 (can't have enough of a good thing)
  • Roland EV 5 Expression pedal ( to control the second H9)



August 2009 - 29 years and still going strong !

They said it would never last Smile....

Today is Shanna and Kens 29th Wedding Anniversay. As we were recently going down memory lane we realized just how much we have shared with each other.  I am happy to say that this last year has been one of the best years of our marriage.

We are grateful to have each other as best friends and eternal companions.

I was playing some guitar today and recorded something that  captured my feelings - Click to listen


June 2009 - She's all grown up




I can remember it like it was yesterday.... Shanna was pregnant and it was any day now... I went out to get her a shake at Baskin Robins-- and got rear ended on the way home.   The next day Emily was born. 

Fast forward eighteen and a half years and she has just graduated High School and is enrolled in college.

Where did the time go ?

April 2009- Photography

I decided about 6 months ago to learn about photography.  I took t he plunge and bought a nice Digital SLR camera and some lenses. I have taken over 2500 photos and some are quite nice.  I have posted some on my FACEBOOK account.  i realized that many of the photos on this site are getting dated as well as some of the info on the family.  After I am done fooling with the look and feel of the site. I will revamp the photo albums.

May 2008 - Rose Garden

May in Arizona is the transition month - we go from nice and warm to REALLY HOT. Shanna and I spent the last few months reworking our front landscaping and added 50+ rose bushes. I am curious to see how they will make it through the HOT Arizona summer.

Yellow GoldShanna joind the local Rose Club and has rekindled her long time interest in growing roses. Back in the day, she won awards for her roses when we lived in CA. So she has learned the tricks for growing roses in AZ and we have spent the last few months planting and watering. As watering is key, I used all of my "engineering know-how" to come up with an automated system that can adjust to the crazy AZ springtime weather.

I took a few photos and put them in a photo album, Click here to see them.




Dec 2007 - Christmas

Another Christmas in Arizona.....

You would think that after 17 years of living in Arizona I would get use to the fact that I am still wearing short sleeve in December. It is at this time of year that I miss NY the most ... except when I see on the news that it is snowed in

Our neighborhood does a good job when it comes to lights. Here is a photo of a nearby house. 

Christmas in AZ - who needs snow 

They even have a annual Boat Parade where all of the boats on the lake get decorated with lights and go around the lake. People come from all around to see it and the lights at the clubhouse.

Well we had the family over for a day and we had a great time I created a photo album

Dec 2007 - Site update

I  have just completed revamping the Family Web site. It has a new look and some updated and not so new pictures added.

One of my New Years resolutions is to keep the site up to date ( in other words update it more then once a year Smile)

We sent our Christmas Cards out last week and hope that you take a moment to look at the family updates and photo albums. 




Nov 2007 Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving we had all of our children and their families over for the day. As our family continues to grow and spread out I really enjoy it when we are all together. I love to watch all of the grandkids playing together. I also enjoy taking them to a nearby play park and watch them climb and go down the slides.

When all of our children are over, I often think back to the night before Jeff left for his mission in August of 2001. When everyone had gone to sleep, it dawned on me that that it might be the last night we would all live under the same roof. As it turned out I was right. So when we have everyone over it is always special for me.

I am looking forward to Christmas when we can spend the Saturday before Christmas together.... I think I make make some Lasagna.

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