Jeff & Haley

Jeff and Family

Jeff, Haley, Hayden & Treston

Jeff & family have moved to a town about 45 minutes from us. He continues to enjoy his career as a public servant. (especially giving tickets to knucklehead drivers).  He is also a trained negotiator for the County SWAT team.
Haley is still home with the boys and loving every precious moment. She has figured out how to juggle the demands of motherhood and FACEBOOK. She is one of the most prolific FACEBOOK users.

Hayden, is growing so much.  He is begining to read and loves to put puzzles together.  He always has some cars to play with.
Treston, happiest child on the planet and has smile that will make you melt. He speaks in the sweetest , whisper and is doing his best to keep up with his big brother.

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