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  • Apr 2011 - Been too long since I updated this site - I blame it on Facebook --- Uploaded 10 songs from an ancient recording from 1978 - Sunburst Finish - click on the "Kens Music" tab - If you dare
  • Nov 2009 - Family gathered together for Birthdays and Thanksgiving 
  • May 2009 - Emily graduated from Highland High School. 
  • April 2009. Time to update the site.  Starting with adding new look  to the site. Have some great photos of my parents wedding that I will be scanning and putting into a photo album. UPDATE: My Scanner is Broken .. time to get another one   Click here to see the photos.
  • Our Rose Gardens are a year old and they are in full bloom Click here for some photos of some of our roses.
  • Over the last year I have taken some time to record more of my guitar noodling. I posted  some instrumental noodles in the Ken's Music link . Give it a listen if you have some time to kill...

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