Photo Albums

Here are some photo albums from recent family events.  Click on an Album to open it .  When you are looking at the album you can  see a larger picture simply  by clicking on one of  the small pictures..




Some short video clips of the family


Just found some pictures from my parents wedding album.  I was able to scan 2 of them before the scanner broke.


This last winter Shanna was bitten by the "Rose" bug. It been almost 20 years since she had her award winning Rose Garden when we lived in Temecula , CA. So she joined the local rose club  and after a few months of saturdays we planted over 50 rose bushes and reworked our front landscaping. Here are a few pictures of the roses that have recently bloomed.


All of kids and their families spent the day with us, we played games, exchanged gifts and polished off one of Ken's family sized lasagne.  It was great having everyone at our home a few days before Christmas.


In September 2007 we went to a very moving ceremony. At the ceremony there were the hundreds of US Marines that Greg served with in Iraq on his second tour. They honored the 8 soldiers who had lost their lives over in Iraq.

They also gave out the annual "Corpsman of the Year" award to Greg. Greg received this award for his courage and leadership that resulted in the saving of lives as he and his detail were attacked by a suiside bomber.

I could not hold back the tears as I looked over at the families of those who paid the ulitimate sacrifice in defending our country--- thinking if not for the grace of God that could be us..... Our family is so grateful for all of the prayers said in Gregs' behalf while he was in Iraq, e know that they were indeed answered as Greg was protected on multiple occasions.  We ask that you continue to keep our US Serviceman and women in your prayers... because someone else son, daughter, father, and mother are still there ......


Pictures from the last few years and beyond....


In March of 2007 while it was Spring break in AZ we wne to CT to visit my Mom and Brother Rich and his family.  It snowed, we went to Little Italy in NYC and had a great time


On July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) Kyle and Natalie were married. It was a wonderful day, we all had a great time. We appreciate family members who traveled far to celebrate with us. We totally enjoyed operating the "hotel Cardita" . These photo are a mix of those taken by the photographer and by me.

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