My Guitar Rig

Here is my current Guitar Rig


Suhr Classic Pro Guitar

Mesa Boogie Mark 5 :25 head

Mesa 1x 12 mini rectifier cabinet 

Pedal Board is a HoleyBoard with  (left to right, top then bottom row):

  • Wampler Pinnacle  distortion (Van Halen Brown Sound)
  • TC Ditto  - (looper)
  • Wampler Tumnus Overdrive (Klon clone)
  • Wampler Eco Compressor
  • Peterson Strobe Tuner
  • Eventide H9 ( digital Fx , Delay , Reverb , Modulation)
  • Wampler Plexi Deluxe ( Marshall Plexi amp in a pedal)
  • DryBell Vibe Machine (a most Awesome Univibe clone)
  • Evenide H9 (can't have enough of a good thing)
  • Roland EV 5 Expression pedal ( to control the second H9)



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